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We present today one of the apps programmed for a client: 4Fitting, an application that lets you control your fitness and diet plans via mobile phone. Forget pencil and paper!

4Fitting is a fitness app  developed for Android and it is free. The app includes these all features on a single platform for training gym exercises and diet for obtaining an effective way to track the user’s progress and allows you to write down all the exercises performed and food intake as well as measures of the different parts of your body. The main sections of the application are: training, diet, measurements and statistics, we explain each of them::


Training app

We can say that 4Fitting is a training planner application, in the sense that the user can configure and fully customize exercises or choose from the extensive database. Also you can set the daily routines that the user plans to perform with all the exercises planned.

In the training section there are 3 main sections: Routine, exercises and exercise log.

  • Training Routine: Here you can configure and refer routines to every day. Each routine is configured from the exercise of the database or user created.
  • Exercises: Consisting in “exercises creator” where the user can create as many as you want custom exercises (cardio, reps and weight …) as well as a list of all the exercises you have created or in the application database; these can be filtered in various ways (by muscles, alphabetical etc.).
  • In the  exercise log will be represented in a daily calendar exercises that have been made of the routine, or individually if the user has decided to perform them.



Diet app

This part of the application can be defined as an application for dieting. Here you can configure all your daily meals and each meal with various foods. Here the user will create menus for each day of the week, with the different meals of each day (the user can create as many as wanted) and the desired food for those meals. There are the following sections:

Diet: You can configure different menus for each day of the week, here there will be created  menus and with as many meals as the user has planned and with the foods needed chosen from the database or food created by user.

Food: In this section of the app, you can create your fully customized food from protein shakes to casseroles, always entering the total amount of protein, carbohydrates and fats of the food; calories of that food can be calculated by the app or manually entered.

Diet log: This is where is plotted on a daily schedule the food eaten at each meal, with calories, protein etc. Case of eating other foods not planned in the menu  is also represented.



For proper monitoring of training progress how they affect our body, we can keep day to day measures of each muscle. For this, the Fitness application has the following windows:

Measures: Here you enter your measurements and the objectives, it has to be saved daily.

Body fat calculator: Calculates easily from your body measures the approximate body fat percentage.





One of the most interesting parts of the application is the graphs and statistics that it is able to display. You can draw both daily calories as fat proteins etc. as well as the evolution of the body measurements or progress in the exercises performed.

So for example if every Monday you perform bench press exercise, the app can show done repetitions from Monday to Monday (or for a month, 3 months..), or also can draw the maximum weight or average weight lifted. It can be represented in several axes, very comfortable if we exercise for muscle hypertrophy (is graphed few reps and heavy weights) or if we do it to gain strength (higher reps and lower weight). Each item you can graph carries a separate log that shows the change from the previous day in a table.

Ultimately 4FITTING is a fitness app that pretends to forget the paper and pencil we bring to the gym and train more effectively by monitoring both the entire training, diet and important progress in our body. We hope to become the definitive Fitness App!



Download  4Fitting from Google Play

4Fitting website

QR code

And last we show here some in app screenshots:

All in one fitness

Training exercises app

training and diet statistics App

Body fat calculator app

muscle progress

gym routines app

4Fitting for dieting

diet planner app

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